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Our Team

Anna Powell has extensive experience working with social change organisations and leaders on how to effectively engage and mobilise communities. Anna has over 10 years experience in local, national and global contexts, working with a range of not-for-profit organisations including Oxfam, Amnesty International, Lifeline and Australian Volunteers International.  Anna has developed and managed complex large-scale national and global social change programs and campaigns at Oxfam, as well as working with local communities in Australia and the Philippines.

Driven by a curiosity for understanding how organisations and leaders within organisations proactively respond to change, Anna is committed to working at both the individual and organisational level to support the complex process of change. Anna draws on her extensive experience in community development and advocacy, combined with formal training in psychology, anthropology and organisational management to facilitate and design strategic and practical solutions through research, consultation and group facilitation.

Mitra Gusheh’s
practice builds on over 15 years of experience across the social sector and the design profession. Having studied psychology and design (visual communication), Mitra brings together principles underpinning both fields to respond to complex social challenges. She has worked for a range of local and international not for profit organisations, where she has been responsible for the strategic design and development of large-scale social change programs and their implementation. This includes the establishment of Oxfam Australia’s national youth program, the design and implementation of an advocacy program on child rights in Sri Lanka, and the design and implementation of an ICT project in partnership with UNESCO based in Nepal. Mitra also has extensive experience in facilitating, having taught at the School of Design, University of Technology, Sydney (UTS).

Mitra is currently undertaking her PhD at UTS. Her study explores the complex nature of design practitioners’ inevitable social impact and works towards revealing ways in which the design community can navigate beyond the perceived boundaries of their professional identity in order to better their understanding of, and deepen their engagement in, positive social change.