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Facilitation and Training

We see one of our most important roles as being the development of staff leadership  and supporting teams in organisations to be as effective as they can be. We have a range of stand-alone workshops to draw from and also develop new workshops tailored to our clients’ interests. From 1 hour to 1 week workshops, we help people engage with the latest thinking on theory of change; leadership; organisational change; community engagement and communications in a hands-on, practical and strategic way.

Example ~ Creating Social Change, Willoughby Council

We have facilitated a workshop with key staff and managers from Willoughby Council, guiding them through a process of looking at their circle of influence, circle of control and understanding their enablers and barriers in reaching their goals. Based on principles of participatory learning, we created a process that enabled staff to gain greater ownership of their work; generate new ways of working collectively; and identify new solutions to the long-term challenges they have been facing. We also had a lot of fun doing it!